Epigenetic risk modeling

We construct epigenetic disease and mortality risk models using powerful Bioinformatic tools.

Why epigenetic risk models?

Current Research suggests that genetic factors have only a minor influence on the development of
age-associated diseases, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Mortality and age-associated disease risk is mostly influenced by lifestyle factors shown on our epigenetic makeup.

Epigenetic testing predicts all-cause mortality and disease risk highly accurately as opposed to chronological age and self-reported assessments.

About Us

At EPIGEN we develop groundbreaking bioinformatics innovations on epigenetic data to provide accurate risk assessment calculations for Scientific Research and the Longevity Industry.

Our Services

Biological Age Determination

Aging is not the same for everyone. With our epigenetic clocks, biological age can be determined.

All-cause Mortality risk assessment

Our epigenetic technology can predict all-cause mortality rate with higher accuracy than any other calculation method.

Calculation of Specific Disease risks

Our epigenetic tests can identify risks of age-associated diseases such as diabetes, cancer, neurodegenerative and cardiovascular disease.

Calculation of
COVID-19 risk

COVID-19 can show no symptoms or it can present as a life-threatening disease requiring hospitalization. Calculate COVID-19 risk factors with our epigenetic technology now.

Patient Recruitment for Biopharma

With our extensive epigenome database, we can help you to find the right patients for your research needs. Contact us to learn more.